Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Technical Supervision and Administration

  • It sees to the general administration of the Department in terms of welfare, appointment, promotions and discipline of staff of the Department under Civil Service Rules and Fire Services Discipline Regulations, 1970. It handles external and internal training programmes which yield revenue into the State Government coffers. Purchase of Fire Tender, Equipment, Uniform and all store materials are often initiated from this section and to ensure that necessary fire fighting facilities are provided, throughout the State.
  • Oyo State Fire Services has a total staff strength of 171 personnel of different ranks distributed across the State.

Distribution of Fire Stations:

There are fifteen (15) Fire Stations spread all over Oyo State. The stations are located as tabulated below:





Oyo Fire Station.

Akesan Market, Oyo.


New Gbagi Fire Station.

Bola Ige International market.


HQ & Agbowo Fire Stations.

State Secretariat Complex and Agbowo Shopping Complex.


Mapo Fire Station and Molete Fire Station.

Mapo Hill and  Molete/Police Post, Challenge.


Aleshinloye Fire Station.

Alesinloye Market.


Eruwa fire Station.

Sango area  Eruwa.


Igboora Fire Station.

Igboora Town Hall Sagan-un, Igboora.


Kishi fire Station.

Former Post Office, Kishi.


Iseyin Fire Station.

Oluwole, Iseyin.


Ogbomoso Fire Station.

Oja Igbo, Ogbomoso.


 Ogbomoso Shopping Complex.

 Ojo-Oba, Ogbomoso (Ultra Modern).


Agugu Fire Station.

Oremeji\Babanla Area.


Saki Fire Station.

Town Hall, Saki.

Fire Fighting and Rescue Operation

  • This unit controls all operational activities of the Department which has been committed to saving of lives and properties occasioned by fire outbreaks and mishaps like Rescue from Road Accidents, Salga, Flood, Drowned person from streams Human beings or Animals in distress, Military or Civil Air Craft accident, Collapse of buildings, Train derailment, major disasters and all other operations in which lives are involved.
  • Fire Fighting Appliance and Equipment - The State Fire Services is able to attend to the above incidence successfully due to  Fire Fighting Trucks and equipment which are distributed to Fire Stations according to the risk category of the environment/area which the station covers.

Fire Prevention and Consultancy Services

  • This unit’s main responsibility is to create awareness in the minds of the people about fire prevention in order to make them fire conscious. It also offers advice to industries, commercial centres and the general public on matters relating to fire prevention and action which could reduce fire disasters by about 30%.

Training School

  • This unit undertakes the training of new intakes, serving officers and fire officers from outside bodies. It has trained staffs from B. A.T.N, Nigeria Port Authority, Procter and Gamble, University of Ibadan etc on Fire Fighting/Prevention Course.

Maintenance and Transport

  • The Fire Department maintains a stand-by and fairly equipped workshop so that attention can be given to its fire fighting vehicles both functional and non-functional vehicles. This section has been able to help the Department revived most of the Fire Fighting Trucks that are old with their ingenious efforts.
Sources of Revenue for the state through the Department:
  • Inspection of New Sites for Petrol Stations.
  • Renewal of Fire Safety Certificates for Petrol / Gas Stations and Industrial Premises.
  • Sales of Fire Reports.
  • Training in Fire Fighting /Prevention Courses.
  • Inspection of Restaurants, Banks, Hotels both international and medium standards.
  • Inspection of High Rise building / public buildings.